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Welcome to Glasgow University Law in Action

Glasgow University Law in Action is a student-lead initiative within Glasgow University School of Law. We create and manage practical, legal projects for Glasgow University law students to volunteer within. 

For regular updates on our work and opportunities please visit our Facebook and Twitter pages.

What Makes Us Different?

Our law student volunteers apply to the specific project they are interested in and are selected for the skills and qualities they have to offer to that project.  We often involve Civil Society and members of our local community in our work. We always intend to volunteer our legal skills to those who would benefit from them in our local community. In turn, we believe our projects encourage our law student volunteers to be more socially responsible, hard working and professional. 

Our Values

All of our projects are guided by these values, we aim to instil and develop them within our volunteers. These are:

  • Community Support
  • Equality
  • Quality
  • Justice 

Current Projects and Opportunities

Below is a list of our current, active projects.  More information about the individual projects can be found on the drop-down menus of our page.  

  • Scottish Trade Union Congress Project  
  • Scottish Human Rights Consortium Membership 
  • United Nations Periodic Review
  • Human Rights Education Project

Contact Us

 Address all queries and requests regarding Glasgow University Law in Action to: We will respond promptly.