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Scottish Trade Union Congress Training

Law in Action provide comprehensive training for the Scottish Trade Union Congress, in association with the Human Rights Consortium. We focus on matters relevant to modern trade unions operating within different trades, such as collective bargaining, the right to strike and trade union discrimination.

Our volunteer tutors research and write the materials for the training session and deliver them. Both trade union delegates and Law in Action tutors benefit from both the wide ranging discussions that take place during and after the training sessions and the follow up support we provide in the form of written responses and legal information notes on request. Law in Action strongly believe leading informative training sessions in a relaxed format broadens the depth and range of knowledge available to both Law in Action and civil society. 

This project strengthens the valuable relationship Law in Action has with our local community. We are always delighted to work alongside civil society, where we see our skills being particularly valuable. Making legal knowledge and resources available to those who need it most in our local community are intrinsic aims of the Law in Action Initiative.  

The topics we cover in training sessions are increasingly important in the economic and policy climate that both Scotland, and the United Kingdom as a whole, are in. Law in Action look forward to continuing to work with the STUC and HR Consortium whilst also developing new projects to provide extra labour law support where we can.

If you are a student or member of civil society and are interested in our materials or work, please contact us at: