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Cross Party Parliamentary Group

Law in Action were pleased to be invited to participate in the meeting of the Cross-Party Group on Human Rights at the Scottish Parliament on the 27th of May 2015. 

See Minutes Taken by Law in Action HERE: Cross Party Group Minute 

Our representative was able to speak about the work of Glasgow University Law in Action to the many organisations in attendance and those interested members of the public onlooking within the committee room. Additionally, Law in Action gained greater knowledge of current civil and political human rights issues facing members of civil society. In particular, trade union rights, the gender pay gap, employment rights of ethnic minorities and the lack of resources amongst civil society to properly enforce and monitor civil and political human rights. We were able to make some valuable contacts and intend to further expand our work in this area. A more detailed summary of the meeting will be published in the coming week.

While the experience with the Cross-Party Group was very valuable, Law in Action is resolute in stressing that this Group alone is inadequate to promote and protect human rights in Scotland. We maintain the Scottish Government should establish a Human Rights Committee within the Scottish Parliament. This would, at the very least, truly entrench a culture of human rights in Scotland, ensure compatibility of legislative acts with human rights and engage human rights groups and civil society with the work of Parliament more meaningfully and to a far greater extent than the present Cross-Party Group can.


Cross-Party Group on Human Rights:


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