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Law in Action is run entirely through the great support of student volunteers, however we do require a small amount of sponsorship to support our initiative and its growth. Law in Action ensure all of our sponsors are independent from our projects.

Current Sponsors

BARBRI International provide opportunities for law students with an international mindset. With BARBRI's guidance, law students can be fully qualified Attorneys-at-Law, having passed the New York Bar Exam within one year of achieving their LL.B, enabling them to go straight into practise. This course can benefit any law student. Being a qualified attorney will open doors to graduates - whether they're practising at home or abroad. Law in Action support the presence of BARBRI on campus at Glasgow University.

If you would like to get involved working with BARBRI International at Glasgow University, message Law in Action or contact:

Barbri Website:


Future Sponsors 

We are always open to new sponsors and innovative methods of sponsorship. If you are interested in sponsoring the Law in Action Initiative or have any related enquiries please contact: